Expanded Cork as facade on the Biobased Building at Innovation Expo “Sustainable Urban Delta” 14-04-2016 Amsterdam

Expanded Cork as facade on the Biobased Building at Innovation Expo “Sustainable Urban Delta” 14-04-2016 #Amsterdam

The Innovation Expo accerelates innovation, thus encouraging economic growth and quality of life in The Netherlands. During this event the Expanded Cork (ICB), by Pro Suber, will also be visible! On behalf of the project “Biobased House” Pro Suber provides the needed Expanded Cork insulation and the Expanded Cork Facade.

The Innovation Expo consists of both the biennial event and the accompanying network of more than 4000 entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics and engaged citizens. Together they work towards technical breakthroughs and innovations that will make a difference in the future.

The next event, the closing day of the sixth edition of the Innovation Expo, will take place on April 14th 2016 and will focus on ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’. Language spoken during the day will be primarily Dutch. There will be an English flyer provided. Would you like to attend the Innovation Expo? Please sign up here.

The Innovation Expo connects and inspires (future) innovative initiators. It offers a stage for concrete projects that contribute to smart, sustainable and social cities of the future. It crosses the borders of different sectors and connects public to private.


Why Sustainable Urban Delta?

Megacities are the main drivers of economic growth. Though there is no such thing as a megacity in The Netherlands, we do have one big green, wetland and urban network. To be globally competitive, we need to focus on our economies of agglomeration and innovation. The knowledge we have built up as urban delta and the innovations we developed are very valuable worldwide. Innovations provide solutions to urban and societal challenges. Moreover: innovation creates new jobs.

What does the city of the future look like? “Sustainable Urban Deltas are sustainable, smart and socially inclusive.” On that we are agreed at EU level. The Innovation Expo will take place during the Dutch presidency of the EU, on April 14th 2016. We will demonstrate practical solutions to complex urban issues.

The Innovation Expo is in line with the Dutch Urban Agenda. This enables the ambition of the Dutch urban network to belong to the top of the world, both in terms of competitiveness and quality of life.



The Innovation Expo (visit the original site) is organised by an enthusiastic project team consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Other partners are, among others, the Dutch Urban Agenda, employers’ organisation VNO/NCW, Startup Delta, Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Platform31, Dutch top sectors, The Blue Economy, Studio Roosegaarde and the Association of universities in the Netherlands.

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